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This is simply a thank you to the Doctor. I ordered 3 pairs of orthotics. I’ve already received 2 pairs, one for my tennis shoes and another for my dress shoes. They are absolutely great!! My feet haven’t felt better. The Doctor has informed me that the last pair that comes with Naot sandals are on back order, but I will gladly wait for them.


I will let everyone I know about Foot Doctor Orthotics.


Quality of materials….top notch

After 20 marathons and various foot issues and surgeries my most recent prescribed orthotics were shot; tried Doctors orthotics and was extremely surprised how much care and consultation was used to create this running pair to support my unique needs. Quality of materials used from the carbon fiber material to the specially added Hallux support is top notch.”

S. V. – Horseshoe Bay, TX

Excellent Product For Sure

Now my previous  custom insoles were old, but I couldn’t believe what happened when I put your insoles in. I suspected I may have done some exercises wrong, but  I felt a huge difference with your insoles, felt pain and strain disappear, and more balanced as well. Excellent product for sure.

J. Smits

5 Stars!!!

Dr. Goldston delivers professional orthotics to every customer and genuinely cares about every orthotic. This product has changed my life for the better. I have severe flat feet. Doctors have said…… I wouldn’t be able to walk after 35 years of age. I’m now 52 years old. I work 16 hours a day and golf 3 times a week. I owe it all to Dr. Orthotics. I don’t take one step without them. Really a game changer. Simply put ….best decision I have ever made. I love this product!!!!

K.K. (On Facebook)

Thank You

I have been using these orthotics for several months and they are fantastic with my shoes to help correct the overpronation of my foot…the relief has been terrific. There was follow up to make sure they were working and tips on breaking them in to keep from having discomfort during that period. Dr. Ron Goldston was helpful before I sent my impressions in, and called to make sure they were fitting and helping to correct the problem, and reassured me that they would work with me to make sure I got the results I needed. Thank you and I will continue to be a customer and share my experience with my friends.

B.H. (On Facebook)

5 Stars

“I was very skeptical to order orthotics online,  so I called the company and the doctor called me back pretty quickly and explained the process. I have worn orthotics before so I knew what questions to ask. He answered them all. I also checked them out at the BBB and on Yelp. These are REAL orthotics and 1/4 of the price of Good Feet who just guesstimate about your foot. My orthotics arrived yesterday evening and they are beautiful. When I got up this morning my plantar fasciitis was killing me so I put the orthotics in my shoes and wore them all day long and at the end of the day my feet felt fantastic. I walk daily between 8 and 12 miles a day and would never walk without these in my shoes  again. I am very pleased with the quality of the service, but more importantly I am pleased with the quality of the orthotics. In fact I’m going to be ordering a second pair. If you’ve been thinking about ordering from this company stop thinking about it and just do it, it will change your life. Happy in Texas.”

B.K., Spring, TX

Suffering From Plantar Fasciitis

The molds came quickly, but the orthotics took several weeks. To their credit they shipped them overnight when done.  But the absolute best part is how they work.  I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis for months, and had seen an orthopedic surgeon seeking relief. He suggested new orthotics, and I fortunately found the Foot Doctor Orthotics website.  The new orthotics stopped the foot pain almost immediately.  I couldn’t be more pleased.  Highly recommended.

E.K. Dallas, TX

My Orthotics For Morton’s Neuroma: Love Them

I really love the 2 pair of orthotics. Best Orthotics I’ve ever had. My Morton’s Neuroma is gone.

K.M., Madison, WI


I was impressed with the workmanship and the quality of the product.

L.G. – Phoenix, AZ

Very Happy

I was skeptical at first, so happy now. My foot and back pain are gone. Thank you so much.

S.R. – Lexington, KY

Best Orthotics

Best Orthotics I’ve Ever Worn. Keep Up The Good Work.

M.D. – Cleveland, OH

Satisfied Customer For 20 Years
I have been purchasing orthotics from Doctors’ Orthotics for over 20 years; their prices are very reasonable and I have never had a problem with using their kits, delivery, or the quality of their products. I started wearing them years ago to relieve the pain/pressure in the small foot bones (sesamoids); with consistent orthotics use, I forgot about it totally! As I’ve aged and my needs and activities have changed, I have ordered their different models for my dress shoes, my athletic shoes and everything in between!

My long-term Thank You to Doctors’ Orthotics (and my feet silently thank you, too

R. Griffin – MO and CA

Had Problems With Plantar Fasciitis

I purchased the TL2100 Orthotics For Plantar Fasciitis a few months ago. They are for sport and running. I use them every time I run. I was and still am amazed how good they feel. They are every bit as good as the orthotics I purchased 10 years ago from a podiatrist for $500. I love how the memory foam feels on my feet . What a great idea. Not only does my plantar fasciitis not bother me when I run with them on, but I was thrilled that my back pain did not come like it use to, at the end of my run. This is with out a doubt a top of the line orthotic. Thank you for making it available at such a low price. I found it very easy to put my feet in the mold that you sent me, to custom fit them to my feet. I was worried that it would be a difficult process.


D. G. Duluth, Georgia

Triathlon Runner

Thank you Dr.’s Orthotics

Dr.’s Orthotics made me three pairs of custom orthotics: one for running, another for cycling and a third for my dress shoes.

At that time I was suffering from an extremely case of peroneal tendonitis. I also suffer from recurring bouts of plantar fasciitis. At that time, the pain was so bad that I was being recommended for cortisone injections and possible surgery by my podiatrist. I tried the three Dr. Orthotic products and am happy to say they completely solved my foot’s bio-mechanical issues and allowed me to heal without resorting to surgery or injections. I am back to running and cycling pain free on a daily basis.

I am extremely pleased with the outcome and highly recommend their products. Dr. Stone provided excellent customer service, fast shipping and follow through to my many questions. The orthotics are very well made and fit my feet like a glove. Give your feet a gift. Buy with confidence!

M.S. Los Angeles


As an avid hiker for over 20 years, I know how important foot comfort can be. I ordered my power walking/hiking orthotics over 6 months ago and they continue to give me the extra support I need whether I am hiking rugged terrain or simply walking the trails. Any serious hiker should definitely have these!

B.R. Oregon

Marathon Runner

I have been a marathon runner for over twenty years I had suffered aches and pains in my feet, my back, as well as my knees. I realized that suffering is no way to be a good runner, so I tried out a pair of carbon fiber sport running orthotics and its been the best thing i ever did for myself. No more suffering, no more pain and my running performance is even better than ever. And now I have orthotics for my dress shoes as well as my every day tennis shoes.

J.S. Colorado


A simple shopping trip used to kill my feet, no matter which pair of shoes I wore. Since obtaining a pair of Doctors’ Orthotics , I can shop for hours without discomfort. Most importantly, I can walk in the park with my grandson without having to stop having to stop every five minutes to rest.

R.F. California

“This is fantastic”

My back and knees don’t feel the slightest pain or discomfort. I couldn’t walk before without severe pain. I am able to walk miles without the slightest pain now. The fit is perfect! Thanks again.

R.G. Michigan

“Your orthotics are excellent”

Last week a Podiatrist friend dropped by for a surprise visit and I asked her to examine my feed and your orthotics. She said your orthotics were excellent! Thank you for a helpful, quality product. I couldn’t get along without them.

D.B. Texas


Before Doctors’ Orthotics I had to limit my physical activities because of severe pain in the balls of my feet. Now I dance, play racquetball and golf in pain-free comfort. Best of all, Doctors’ Orthotics have really improved my golf game.

V.R. Arizona

“The pain was alleviated”

I am astounded how much better my feet felt immediately with the Doctors’ Orthotics . I have arthritis in the ball of both feet with bone spurs. Needless to say, this is quite painful. With the first day of wearing the orthotics, the pain was alleviated. After a month of wearing them, the back pain is almost gone.

C.P. Florida

“I couldn’t walk before . . .”

I am a retiree with flat feet and heel spurs. I couldn’t walk before without suffering. In less than three days I found Doctors’ Orthotics relieved my foot problems. I am doing gardening and lawn work now that I thought I couldn’t do anymore.

T.B. Indiana

Veteran Jogger

I’ve been running for ten years and have never encountered a shoe that can reduce the leg fatigue that sets in after about six miles. Then a friend told me about Doctors’ Orthotics . I’m normally skeptical about innovations that seem too good to be true, but the guarantee reassured me. Now an eight-mile run doesn’t bother me at all. I’m mighty glad I ordered.

D.M. Maryland


I’m a marathon runner and in the recent past I injured myself running. I was introduced to Doctors’ Orthotics and subsequently purchased them. With Doctors’ Orthotics I was able to run a 50-mile race without difficulty. I also recommend Doctors’ Orthotics to my patients.

J.K., M.D. California

Retired Nurse

I have suffered for years with tired feet, foot fatigue, and back ache. I’ve tried everything, but nothing really brought relief before Doctors’ Orthotics . They’re exactly as advertised. I feel so much better and have better balance now, too. They’ve helped so much. I have to think of being without them.

G.J. Alabama


I am on my feet all day long. I have a variety of problems including: curled toes, ingrown nails, and pain in my knees. Doctors’ Orthotics have brought relief in both those areas, and my toes are actually beginning to straighten out.

E.B. Idaho

Ticket Processor

I have purchased metal supports that didn’t work from another company, so I was reluctant to try Doctors’ Orthotics . I was pleased to find that the pain in my right heel was gone after only five weeks. I can’t begin to thank you enough.

A.P. North Carolina

“Value for your dollar”

I wanted to let you know how happy I am with my new Doctors’ Orthotics . Your orthotics are a fantastic savings. The service was prompt. It’s nice doing business with people who give you value for your dollar. F.L. New York Tennis Enthusiast The Doctors’ Orthotics money back guarantee convinced me to give these orthotics a try. Am I glad I did! Doctors’ Orthotics are almost too good to be true! I even wear Doctors’ Orthotics in my street shoes now.

M.V. Langborne, PA

Doctors’ Orthotics

I want to thank you for expediting my custom sports orthotics to me just in time for my two week vacation. I couldn’t have done all the things I did on vacation, fly-fishing, tennis, and hiking without the new orthotics. My old orthotics from another supplier had worn out just before my trip, leaving me to deal with increasing pain from my sport activities. I was able to break in my new orthotics you sent me and use them first for hiking and then for tennis during my two week stay. Again thanks; you went above and beyond customer service to overnight them to me free of charge.

Sincerely, Bill C.

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