What Are Custom Orthotics?

Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics are custom made insoles that fit in your shoes

Their purpose is to focus the hind foot, midfoot and forefoot, and the lower extremities in a desirable manner to relieve foot, knee and back pain. They work for your feet pretty much the same way that glasses work for the eyes.

Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics fit into a variety of shoes, from athletic shoes, soccer shoes, children’s shoes, skates, ski boots, women’s and men’s dress shoes and protective footwear.

Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics are used to support and align the foot in the lower limb. As a result, we’re more able to precisely and effectively achieve that by making it from a mold of your foot.

The first step in making your Custom Orthotics is taking a cast of the foot.
We will send you a Foot Impression Kit to be used to make a mold of your feet.

You return the Foot Impression Kit and we will use it to make a pair of Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics for your feet.

One of our Doctors will also contact you to discuss any issues with Foot Pain, Knee Pain, Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Morton’s Neuroma, etc.


Be sure to watch our video on the website that explains how we make your Carbon Fiber Custom Orthotics.

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